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Privacy Policy
Your privacy is extremely important to us. Following is our policy regarding how we protects the privacy of the personal information you provide us.

What Information We Gather

Membership Information
When you join our website as a member, you provide the following information to us:

Your Full Name
Your e-mail address
Your City,State

Any other information is voluntary

Full Name To display your name information when you sign in.
Email Address
  1. To uniquely identify you
  2. To send reply for any of your posted Ad
  3. To notify you in case of any service change

City and State To give preferences to your local Ads

A cookie is a small piece of information that web sites use to remember information about users. We uses two types of cookies to recognize our members. We uses transient cookies to provide continuity from page to page. Within a single visit, these cookies store information such as your login name and password so you have complete access to your personal administration console while you are logged onto our site.

We use persistent cookies to identify members after their first visit. These cookies remain on the hard drive of a PC and allow a member to enter the site without having to log in on every visit.This cookie will only be saved if you choose the option "Remember Me" on the Login Screen. If you are using a Public computer do not check the option of "Remember Me".

Currently,our system depends on cookies so we encourage you to allow cookies.

We uses our own advertsing as well as third party advertising agencies. We cannot be held responsible for anything contained within our partners, our members, or our advertisers sites.

EMail Privacy
Your email address is safe and secure. We do not rent, lease or sell your email address to anybody.
We make every effort to stop 'email harvesters' obtaining your email address by not displaying your email address on the page with your ad, and we do our best to block automated programs(spiders) from accessing the site.

To summarize, we DO NOT hand out any of your personal information to anybody.

Your information is always safe with us and you can trust on us.

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